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About Etta-Atlantic Memorial Hospital

Etta-Atlantic Memorial Hospital Lekki Lagos was established with the goal of providing an international level of health care for all Nigerians.

Etta-Atlantic Memorial Hospital was established by physicians with training in the US, they have teamed up with bright and dedicated Nigerian physicians and other allied health professionals to provide excellent care based on standards set by the World Health Organization.

Our Mission

In a country with scarce resources, especially where physical and mental health are concerned, we have set out to be the exception. A sick patient is a vulnerable patient and the role of a physician or medical care personnel is to provide an appropriate, timely and effective diagnosis with a treatment plan while displaying compassion, empathy and humility. We will work tirelessly to be that Hospital for you and your loved ones.

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Dr. Justin Ngene

Medical Director

Dr. Justin Ngene studied at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, USA. He then attended medical school at University of Illinois, College of Medicine where he fell in love with Internal Medicine with a focus in acutely ill patients in the hospital. Subsequently, Dr. Justin did his Internal Medicine residency at Rutgers University, the Medical School of New Jersey. He became board certificated in Internal Medicine and is, presently, a Diplomate of the American board of Internal Medicine. He has been practicing Internal Medicine/Acute Hospitalist Medicine since 2010.

In 2018, he committed to making a contribution to the health sector in the best way. The goal being ‘reverse MEDICAL tourism’ affordable for everyone. His vision is to provide quality medical care in line with the World Health Organization standards and principled on evidence-based medicine.

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22 Abioro Street, Ikate
Lekki, Lagos State

Call us now if you are in a medical emergency need, we will reply swiftly and provide you with a medical aid.



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