Foods that Help you Look and Feel Young.

Foods that Help you Look and Feel Young.

July 25, 2019

We all want to look and feel young for as long as we can despite nature’s call on our look and health over time. 

Trillions of dollars are spent worldwide in the wellness market, with people purchasing a variety of beauty products, anti-aging products and nutritional supplements with the hope of maintaining their juvenescence. This is in addition to cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle treatment injections and face lift. In the US, for example, the average adult would spend about $40,000 (over N14,000,000) on dietary health supplement over the course of a lifetime. 

While the global awareness and drive to wellness and health is a positive, it doesn’t have to cost so much. Below are a list of affordable dietary sources, which can improve your youthfulness over a long period of time.



1. Chili peppers: contain capsaicin, which have been shown to have both anticancer and antioxidant properties. It is thought to also limit some age-related skin changes in addition to causing a feeling of fullness when added to the diet, thus limiting overeating. 
2. Avocados: contains polyhydroxylated alcohols, which reduce ultraviolet-induced damage to the skin. Cholesterol can also be reduced by mono saturated fat found in abundance in avocados.
3. Blueberries: are usually referred as a super food, rich in antioxidant, folate, phenols and flavonoids. In addition to helping improve a youthful appearance, cognition has been shown to improve in the elderly.
4. Olive oil: is perhaps one of the healthiest fat known to man. Like avocado, it is high in mono saturated fat and therefore, helps reduce cholesterol.
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5. Tomatoes: are high in lycopene, which is a carotenoid with antioxidant properties. Apart from its effect in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and prostate cancer, it also reduces wrinkles caused by sun damage and protects the skin from UV ray damages.
6. Purple sweet potatoes: are also known as Okinawan sweet potatoes and are rich in vitamin A and anthocyanin. Vitamin A is an essential micro nutrient for the eye, immune system and reproductive system, while anthocyanin have cancer prevention properties.
7. Bone broth: is made by cooking the bones of meat, poultry or fish for a prolonged period of time, and is rich in collagen, which can help reduce the signs of aging. Some studies have also shown that collagen may be used in the management of osteoarthritis.
8. Cinnamon: has been shown to promote skin firmness and elasticity via collagen production.
9. Pomegranates: have a high antioxidant activity, arguably higher that those found in red wine and green tea according to some researchers. They thus offer protection from UV ray and help heal damaged skin.


  While aging is inevitable, it is possible to improve your outward beauty while boosting your inner health. Regularly incorporating some or all of these listed food items into your diet can help you to age gracefully, and look and feel younger for longer. 


Reference: MDLinx

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