Personalized Eating: The New Diet?

Personalized Eating: The New Diet?

June 28, 2019

It is commonplace to assume that a particular “healthy” diet is healthy for everyone. However, there are ongoing researches that could prove this wrong.

A number of factors are being considered in determining what diet is best for a given individual. These factors include age, gender, physical activity, sleep patterns, genetics and microorganisms (unique to each individual), among others.

It was demonstrated that a given meal can elicit considerable differences in the level of rise in blood sugar among different individuals, and this can be used to determine which food is good or bad for a given individual. In other words, the same foods can cause each individual to react differently or raise the blood sugar level differently.

The research is still ongoing and validation of the effectiveness of these personalized diets are still being studied. However, some companies are already commercializing personalized diets. Researchers in this field are hopeful that, in a few years, their work could revolutionize the view on healthy diets.

So stay tuned.

Reference – Medscape

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